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Learner Hub

Welcome to your learner homepage. Here you can find useful information and links to our most used sites.

  • Safeguarding and Wellbeing

    If you would like to talk to someone about your health and wellbeing you can find the numbers of our safeguarding and pastoral team alongside details of some key external support agencies.

    View Advice
  • Google Classroom

    Google Classroom is the Service's Virtual Learning Environment(VLE). You can use this to access your student emails, learning resource and submit assignments to your Tutor/Assessor.

    Go to Google Classroom
  • Induction Resources

    We have put together our Learner Handbook alongside a range of Induction Resources. This will help you to understand what is available to you as a learner with Hartlepool Jobs & Skills.

    View Resources
  • BKSB

    BKSB is the Service's eLearning portal for Functional Skills and ESOL. From here, you can undergo online assessments and access resources to help you with your courses.

    Go to BKSB
  • EBS OnTrack

    EBS OnTrack is used to help you stay in control of your learning and progress. It gives you the ability to track your attendance levels and monitor your progress throughout your course.

    Go to EBS OnTrack
  • QualsDirect

    QualsDirect is our online e-portfolio which is used on assessor-led courses so that learners can manage, track and complete the qualification. You can create, upload and share resources here.

    Go to QualsDirect

    EQUAL is our innovative online learning platform which provides interactive content if you are studying an online course with the Service. The platform also allows communication with your Assessor.

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