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The Waverley Project

The Waverley Project provides unemployed adults with access to personal, social and employability initiatives to help them with life skills, raise their aspirations and prevent social isolation. The project provides work experience, volunteer placements and high quality training for individuals to develop relevant employability skills and assist them to progress towards sustained employment.

The Waverley Project: About

Plans for Waverley Project 2022

Community Spaces

A total of 1860m2 will be made available to rent at an affordable rate to organisations in the Voluntary and Community Sector. This will allow the space to be used effectively by the local community whilst bringing new residents and families on to the site, allowing new partnerships to develop. An existing interest from Minds for Men and Adult Mental Health Service at Tees, Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust Durham for therapeutic services.

Starter Allotments

An area total 500m2 will be used by the Council’s Heritage & Countryside Service to provide beginner plots for local residents. This responds to the increased demand and long waiting lists within the Allotment Service whilst ensuring that individuals are ready for a plot by being allocated a small space. This would provide a small element of income and the individuals will also be able to access training and support from other users and staff within the Waverley Project.

Community/Family Space

An area totalling 300m2 which will be allocated for use by the local community and particularly for organisations that do not have the resource to rent out a specific space such as the Hartlepool Food Network. This would provide a growing space with potential opportunities for groups of children and families linking into local Primary Schools.

Volunteer Space

A 970m2 space that builds on some of the activities delivered by Hartlepool Jobs & Skills Service through the Promoting Change, Transforming Lives Project. It would allow volunteers to utilise the site to improve their confidence, self-esteem and motivation whilst being upskilled so they can move closer toward sustained employment. It would also facilitate the delivery of accredited and non-accredited training through the Adult Education Budget including, Volunteering, Joinery, Craft Skills and Horticulture.

Contact Details

Tel: 07770733242


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